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It’s more than just a logo! Whether you’re just starting out, need to be re-branded or you merely want to make more use of your existing branding we can help support your creative endeavours.


Do you have an existing project? Be it campaigns, web or even production, we can help. For us, we like to develop a great working relationship with our clients so that we become a partnership, a team that can build together.


'What is the plan?' Sometimes you just need to sit down and talk about your ideas. We can assist you in bringing your concept to life.

The Group

The Wingman Group is a hub that has been assembled to explore and push the boundaries of design.
Our trifecta is made up of the following areas:
Wingman Design

Wingman Design

Community network project

Community network project

Eleven: One

Eleven: One


Have a sneak peek at a few projects that we've been working on.


Have a sneak peek at a few projects that we've been working on.

Let's Chat

If you have a project that you've been thinking about for a while or even if you want to talk about the latest football scores, no problem, just get in touch and we'll make it happen!

Wingman Design

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